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The ONLY Doctor Designed "Bike-Specific" Strength Program Guaranteed To Help you Ride Longer, Go Faster, and Get Stronger!

(and reduce the risk of developing common cycling injuries in the process.)

Developed by Dr. Tim Woo, PT of SoCalBikePT in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

What is the "Bike Body: STRENGTH" Progam?

  • 12 week guided strength training program
  • Sent directly to your email INSTANTLY. 
  • Done completely at home!
  • 6 phases, 2 weeks each. 
  • Cycling-specific protocol developed by Dr. Tim Woo, PT for EVERY rider who wants to increase their Strength, Speed an Endurance while reducing risk of injury. 
  • From "Foundations of Strength" to "Building Powerful Performance"

Every Week you receive:

  • Convenient PDF Exercise description handouts
  • Weekly Workout Calender
  • Link to Private Video Playlist with exercise explanation and demonstration videos. 
  • Educational video lessons covering the essentials of strength training and unlocking your potential as a rider. 

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